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Rescue Puppy

Village for Paws Rescue

Village for Paws Rescue Mission: Prevention of cruelty to animals via transfer of dogs from overcrowded ‘kill shelters’, located primarily in the Southwest United States, to new homes in New England.

Golden Retriever

Available Dogs & Adoption Fees

-Puppies (12 months and younger)


-Puppies (unaltered)*


-Dogs (13 months and up)


-Dogs from Spa for Paws** 


*Village for Paws Rescue occasionally in order to save puppies has to pull them from the shelter before they are old enough to be spayed and neutered, while not ideal sometimes necessary…in the event this happens and we are unable to schedule before adoption the adoption fee is discounted to the amount listed above.

**Spa for Paws is a facility for daycare, boarding, and grooming. While here dogs receive the highest level of care and are given access to services such as decompression time, socialization, and any other programs/training they may need. This facility also enables us to receive beneficial information about the dogs specific to their personality and needs. The increase in adoption fee does not cover the total cost for their time there, but it does help the rescue to recover some of that expense.

What the adoption fee covers: 

  • Health exam and any required treatment prior to adoption

  • Spay/neuter (unless specified otherwise)

  • Up-to-date vaccinations

  • Pre-transportation incubation board at the point of origin

  • Transportation of the dog from the point of origin to Vermont

  • Delivery of the dog to the adopter at an agreed upon location in Vermont

Please visit our Facebook page for dogs available for adoption! If you do not have social media, please contact the rescue directly to discuss available dogs. 

Foster or Adopt 

Black Dog

Apply to Foster!

Join Our Efforts

Village for Paws Rescue depends on it's fosters to place dogs in loving homes until they are adopted by their fur-ever families. Please apply to Foster a pet if you would like to help!

Adopt a Dog

You Can Make a Difference

You could be the one to provide a welcome, loving, and safe home to a dog in need. Apply to adopt a dog if you'd like to make a difference and adopt your fur-ever dog!

Golden Dog
Two puppies sleeping


Can't foster? Not ready to adopt? You can still help!

Rescues rely on donations to get dogs out of shelters and into loving homes - vetting, transporting, supplies...we wish we could save them all with just love, but the reality is, it takes money, too! Help today by donating to Village For Paws, and your donation is tax deductible! 

We are on Venmo: @Village4paws use the Donate Now button below for Paypal! 

You can also donate by purchasing MERCH!!! 

Village for Paws Rescue has teamed up with a local printing company!  Every time you purchase MERCH you support a local business, and they donate a percentage to the rescue to help our mission of saving Dogs! 

German Shepherd

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